• Payment method : You can now change a payment method in today's orders
  • Colors : You can add custom colors in variants
  • Support : New support feature in app, where you can check the FAQ within the app itself
  • Print queue : Tickets are now sent to a queue so you can print more than one in non multisession printers
  • Show change : New option to show the change (Auto, Always, Never)
  • Pinpad timeout : Option to show pinpad after a timeout
  • In / Out : Prints a ticket as well
  • Searcher : Variants are filtered for faster search


  • Holded orders : Fixed a bug that when doing a logout/login there were added more
  • First day sale : It uses the date and employee that adds the first content
  • Offline : Fixes a bug when saving offline orders if app was closed
  • Turn layout : Fixes an incorrect layout on iOS 10