Welcome to the Revo family!

First of all we would like to thank you for joining us : )

REVO RETAIL is a cloud software solution consisting of a Back Office for administration/management and an App to be used in business.

Here you can find a guide to start working with Revo Retail:


  1. Enter the Back Office and start configuring your account:

Note: Use the credentials received by email to access.

The first screen shown is the Dashboard. This is the main view of your business. Here you can see a summary and graphs about your daily sales, as well as the evolution of your business in recent months. In the same way, you will be shown the best selling products and their sales.

Note: For security, it is recommended to change the Back Office password created by default for your account. Go to your account and change it.

  1. Select the Settings icon and click on Business to enter all your fiscal data. Bear in mind that these data will be used as the header of the invoices that you will deliver to your customers.

  2. Next, enter taxes to edit the taxes of your country of residence.

  3. Move on to the printers. Add and configure all the printers of your store. Remember that Revo lets you use printers with Ethernet, Wifi or Bluetooth connection.

  4. Now it's the turn of the permissions. Create permission groups and then assign them to your employees, in order to control the behavior of users in Revo Retail.

  5. Once the privilege groups are determined, add the employees. Each employee must have a name, a permission group and a unique 4-digit PIN code assigned to use the Retail app.

  6. Still in the Settings, another essential factor are Cashiers. Each device using the Retail app must be assigned a cashier. Add as many cashiers as connected devices.

  7. Once the basic configurations have been made, it is time to add products. Revo Retail organizes the products in three levels: Groups, Categories and Products. Click on this link and start creating your products.

  8. If your products use variants (sizes, colors, etc.), create them easily here.

Congratulations! You have completed the basic configuration to start using the Revo Retail App in your POS.

App Revo Retail

After entering your setup in the Back Office, it is essential to Sync the Revo Retail App to update and download all the changes.

  1. Already in your iOS device (iPad’s, iPhone’s & iPod’s), open the Revo Retail app.
  2. Enter your credentials to login (Username and password you received in your welcome email.)
  3. Click on the menu
  4. Click on Sync

Note: It is essential to sync each one of the devices assigned to your account individually.