The following options have been added:

  • Grouping of 2x1 promotions by categories, products, and products with variants

    Now you can group the promotions to decide how the 2x1 is going to be applied.

  • Printing a gift receipt

    Now you have two options to print a gift receipt without product amounts:

    • partially with some of the products that are part of the ticket.
    • completely with all the products that are part of the ticket.
  • Viewing external images

    External images of products are shown through links added from the import tool, or via the Revo RETAIL API.

  • Linking a barcode to a product from the app

    Now you can add a barcode to a product sheet from the app, without having to access the back-office.

  • Correction of erroneous partial payments at the moment

    Now you have a list of payments available on the billing screen, which allows you to eliminate an erroneous partial payment very easily and instantly, without having to do it once the entire ticket has been paid.

The following options have been improved:

  • Application of promotions

    Now, every time a product is added or removed from the ticket, all promotions are recalculated to improve and optimize the process.

  • Improvement in returns

    The product return process has been improved and is now easier and more intuitive.

  • Visualization of the variants in the app

    The display of variants has been expanded to more characters in the app.

  • Enhanced application security

    A new improvement has been added to the security of the application, preventing its execution on "rooted" devices (devices with a super-administrator user).


  • Integration with Zebra GK420 Label Printer: A new integration has been added to print labels with the Zebra GK420 Ethernet model.

  • New Zebra Label Formats: Revo RETAIL compatible label formats have been added for printing on Zebra printers. The added measurements are: 2.5 x 1 cm, 4 x 2.5 cm and 5 x 1.1 cm.

  • Gift card printing: Gift card printing on Star mC-Print3, Star 654 and Epson iHub printers has been improved.

  • French Certification in Revo RETAIL menu: A new option has been added to the Revo RETAIL menu for accounts using French certification. There is mandatory information regarding the certification number and category.

  • Records in French certification: New records have been added to expand the information kept for compliance with the French standard NF525.


  • Discontinued products: Discontinued products are displayed again, and later recovered, after synchronizing.

  • Number of decimal places in tickets paid with gift card: The error of showing the amounts paid through gift card with a single decimal has been corrected. Now they are shown like the rest of the amounts, with two decimal places.

  • Operation of the barcode reader: The functionality of adding products with the barcode reader has been improved, so that it does not stop working after editing a product.

  • Weight display from a scale on the ticket: The weight of a product is now shown on the ticket.

  • Decimal limit when obtaining the weight of a product from a scale: The value has been limited to three decimal places when obtaining the weight from a scale, correcting a random error that caused it to be shown with many decimal places.

  • Penny mismatches: The difference in pennies in the ticket lines has been corrected.

  • Viewing the total amount to pay: The layout of the total amount to pay for the Epson TM-T88 iHub printer model has been corrected.

  • Date printed on the tickets: the incorrect printing in the date format configured in the back-office has been corrected.

  • Crashes: The incidents that caused a crash of the app have been corrected…

    … when paying with a gift card.
    … when retrieving a ticket, parked in the cloud.
    … when making a return with the iZettle payment method.