The following options have been added:

  • Invoicing series

    Now, in addition to being able to configure a counter for simplified invoices in the cashier, counters can also be assigned for other types of documents such as returns and delivery notes.

  • Integration with TicketBAI

    Now, Revo RETAIL is integrated with the TBAI financing and tax system.

  • Multiple discounts

    Now, multiple discounts can be applied on products and on the entire order.

  • DISPLAY 2.0

    Compatibility with the new version of Revo DISPLAY 2.0.


Resolution of the following incidents:

  • the one that did not allow refunds of orders paid by card in some unusual configurations.
  • the one that did not allow to correct the last digits entered in the screen to open or close shifts.
  • the one that allowed clicking on the trash can icon even if there were no products to delete.
  • the one that allowed refunds of gift cards.
  • the one that did not allow the display of variants when they had spaces in the name.
  • the one that did not print the line breaks correctly in the daily summary ticket.