The following improvements have been added:

  • New audible alarm when not finding a barcode

    Now, when a barcode is scanned, and it is not found, a new warning sound different from when the product is found.

  • Gift card module

    The gift card module has been improved, not showing all the functionalities in the app, when the module has not been activated in the back-office.

  • NF525 Standard

    Improvements have been added to the app to continue complying with the NF525 standard of French taxation.


Resolution of the following incidents:

  • the one that showed a blank ticket in Revo DISPLAY when emptying the order in Revo RETAIL.
  • the one that did not correctly show the tax breakdown on the printed invoice when order discounts were applied.
  • the one that did not show the discounts of the products in the refunds.
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements.