The following improvements have been added:

  • External Payments

    In order to optimize our processes, we have made modifications to the handling of some payments to avoid potential data inconsistencies. From now on, payments made through mPos, iZettle, PMS charges, gift cards, vouchers, and credits cannot be modified. If necessary, corresponding refunds must be processed to correct errors when closing a ticket.

  • Automatic Saving of Changes

    We have implemented a functionality that allows the current ticket state to be saved automatically when closing the application.

  • Enhanced Refund Options

    You now have two options for refunds: automatic refunds will generate a credit note using the original payment method, while manual refunds allow you to choose the most suitable payment method.

  • Integration with OHIP

    We are pleased to announce that we have added integration with OHIP, which will improve the user experience.

  • Compliance with NF525 Standard

    We have implemented improvements to ensure compliance with the NF525 standard in France.


The following issues have been resolved:

  • We fixed an issue that affected the proper display of the second currency amount.

  • Now, you can automatically read barcodes without difficulties.

  • We addressed an error related to rounding on tickets with personalized discounts.

  • We resolved an issue that affected the calculation of the pending amount on tickets containing partial payments and had been parked.

  • The application will no longer close unexpectedly when applying a gift card partially.