For the integration between Revo FLOW and Revo RETAIL to work correctly, it is very important that the Revo FLOW account is of type "Services" instead of "Restaurant", and you need to perform the following configuration in two steps.



1. Access the back-office of Revo RETAIL.

2. In the side menu, navigate to Account / TOKENS.

3. Create a new Token: click on +New, choose a name, for example, FLOW, save, and copy the generated token. More information about Tokens can be found in this article.

4. In the side menu, go to Account / WEBHOOKS.

5. Create a new Webhook with the following information:

  • Active: Enabled.

  • URL:{user}/flow.

    Note: {user} is the name of the Revo FLOW account.

  • Event: product.updated

6. Click on Save to confirm the changes.

7. Copy the Webhook secret, located in the upper left corner.


1. Access the back-office of Revo FLOW.


3. From the Add button, search for Revo RETAIL.

4. Click on Add to add the integration.

5. Fill in the following information:

  • Active:

  • Name: Identifying name of the integration.

  • Test: Disabled.

  • Token: The token created in step 3 of the RETAIL configuration.

  • User: Username of the RETAIL account.

  • Webhook secret: Paste the copied code from step 7 of the RETAIL configuration.

6. Click on Save to confirm the changes.

The integration is now fully configured!